Eskus - Performance Center (in Finnish Esitystaiteen keskus) is an artistic platform a working and meeting place for artists and other professionals working in live art and performance, as well as their umbrella organization in Finland. Eskus seeks to promote live art and performance, and supports artists in regards to internationalization and professional development. In addition, it rents rehearsal studios and office space for performing arts professionals.

Eskus' key activities are:
Organizing events and seminars to further the position of live art and performance in Finland and create interdisciplinary and international discussion and collaborations; offering a residency programme for local and international artists; facilitating and promoting projects by the member organizations and individuals.

Eskus - Performance Center was founded in April 2009 by five Finnish performing arts companies specialized in live
art and performance art. The founding companies are Oblivia, Reality Research Center, Presentaatio, Other Spaces and Live Art Society. All of them are well established in Finland and enjoy an excellent international reputation thanks to their artistic profile.

In September 2011, Eskus - Performance Center opened its premises after a thorough renovation in an old industrial building in Suvilahti, a lively cultural spot in Helsinki. The center hosts four rehearsal studios, a lounge for smaller events, and an open office.

Eskus Performance Center +members

Further information:
ESKUS - Performance Center
Tel: +358 45 8740 470
E-mail: info(at)
Twitter & Instagram: @EskusHelsinki

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